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Adam and Phil have returned to their semi-regular discussions of ideas within and without Churches of Christ. In this episode, we discuss some of thoughts based on the Christian Chronicle article about Churches of Christ in Decline, found here http://www.christianchronicle.org/article2158685~Church_in_America_marked_by_decline. Join the Postrestorationist Group on Facebook and visit the Postrestorationist Perspectives Blog at http://postrestorationist.blogspot.com/


Well, the intent was to get new content out while Matt and Adam were in town, but life ended up happening and we didn't get to spend much quality time together, even though they were in my basement.

What does this mean for PRR? For right now, it means that there won't be new material for a while. I would hate to promise something again and then not deliver, so consider us on extended hiatus.

However, there has been a Facebook group of Postrestorationists started up at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2251306583 where there's some discussion going on of things, and there might be some other people contributing their ideas to this as well. So, while we might be on extended hiatus, the conversation still goes on.

Thanks for checking in and listening and hopefully there will be more audio conversations in the future.

Phil and Adam (and sometimes Matt)

Where is PRR? Good question.

Despite our best intentions, there has not been a way for Adam and I (Phil) to coordinate our schedules to allow us to record on a regular basis.

However, Adam and Matt will be taking another class in Nashville and staying at my house again for a week and we're going to record several. So, expect some new episodes in the next couple of weeks and we'll look forward to interacting again.


This is continuing the conversation began last week about a judicial reading of Scripture versus a relational reading. So basically, Part 2. Thanks again for all the comments last week. We look forward to hearing from all of you some more.


We're back!

In this returning episode of Post Restorationist Radio, Adam and Phil are joined by Matt Wilson in Phil's basement. We begin a discussion of a judicial vs. relational reading of Scripture, inspired by John York, teaching minister at Woodmont Hills and Bible professor at Lipscomb.


Adam and I are officially off until September. We appreciate all the patience that people have had waiting for us since May, but our schedules just have not worked out for us to get things recorded, Adam being a youth minister during the summer (well, the rest of the year too) and me with a newborn.

If you are interested in hearing us and our thoughts, both Adam and I have blogs, and Adam has his Join the Revolution podcast and I'm posting a class I'm teaching on the Kingdom of God at Teaching the Kingdom.

Thanks once again for supporting us and we look forward to being back in September.

Adam and Phil

Did I really say we'd be back next week two weeks ago? Oh yeah. I really did.

Ok, gang. Things have gotten really crazy, Adam's at workcamp all this week, I'm crazy busy with Connor, so we're trying to get a time when we can really do this. I'm hoping next week, but I'm not going to make a guarantee. Please keep checking back, and thanks again for your patience.


Yes, that's right. Due to my wife having a baby, Adam and I have taken an unscheduled break, but we will return next week.

Thanks for the patience.

In this episode, Adam and Phil discuss the ideas of evangelism, from the idea of convincing someone to an afterlife to living like Jesus and letting God evangelize through us.

The blog that we refer to is Bobby Valentine's and the specific post is here. It is well worth the read.


Adam and I discuss the tension between a church being in maintenance mode versus mission mode. It gets into what church should be about and how members should be a part of it.


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